Im Baaaaack

Well yeah guys, I am back and yes I know I
battle a lot of personal demons. Well it has been the hardest
year of my life and I have been struggling, but I am
definitely back for the time being. Well, in my opinion, it
was a rough series for us against the Mets but I still think
we looked pretty good. If Pap didn’t blow the save, we would
have had two out of three, and if Lugo didn’t botch the
double play ball, maybe a sweep. I still like how our team
looks. We are deep because we have been getting production
from the little guys in our line up as well as the big guys.
If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know where we would be,
especially with Papi getting worse. Well anyways, my big
topic for today believe it or not is Nick Green. Has anyone
else noticed that he is quietly putting together a fine
season? Sometimes I ask myself if this kid is really
blossoming. I know I sound crazy for saying that because he
isn’t a household name, but who is born a household name? He
is battling over .300, and has a homer and RBIs around
Pedroia’s. He has been solid in the field as well. Has anyone
else noticed this? Or am I the only one? Give me your
thoughts guys!


Red Sox Growing and Growing

Hey everyone, I know it has been a long time
since I have written a blog. I had been moving so things have
been a bit technical around here. Thanks for bearing with me.
Well lately, two Sox games have stood out to me. First one
was the Red Sox recent 8 – 4 victory over Chien Ming Wang and
the Yankees. It was great to see Lowell and Big Papi swing
the bats the way they did despite the injuries they have had.
It could very well be a great sign for us. Wakefield wasn’t
so bad in that game considering what the Yanks have done to
him in recent years. Todays win against the Blue Jays was a
major step because of the game Lowrie had. He is really
developing and getting much better. It was great to see the
offense come from some of our other guys. Carter also had a
good one. Beckett has been lights out this spring. So far
everything looks good.

With Every Loss Comes a New Light

Hey everyone it’s me again. Well, we lost to
Baltimore. Despite the loss, there were some lights in their.
For one thing, Masterson got some more work in. He looked
pretty sharp today in his two innings of work. It was great
to see Bard and Richardson get a clean inning each. They can
only improve with each positive outing. Hansack didn’t have
the best game nor did Traber, but on the bright side, a key
guy like Masterson was able to get his feet wet again. The
offense wasn’t very impressive but to see a guy like Ochoa be
the run producer was definitely a good thing. The more these
guys get out there, the better for our system. Also keep in
mind our team was missing some key guys due to the classic. I
am really looking forward to seeing Lester and Okajima get
some work in our next game. It should definitely be
insteresting and ofcourse we hope to see nothing but
positives from them. Let’s go Sox!

A Promising Season?

Well, hello everyone. My name is Sylvan, I am a young Red Sox fan from New York City, yes I said NEW YORK CITY. I usually comment on Ian Browne’s “Brownie Points” Red Sox blog. It is definitely a great blog I recommend all fans to check out whether you are a Red Sox fan or not. Well anyways, time to cut to the chase. I have to say, I was really impressed with the pitching performances of Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon in their spring debuts. When you look at our team on paper, we show so much promise. Now I will go through everything assuming everyone is healthy. First off, look at our offensive potential is everyone is healthy. What we have is a line up that has the American League defending MVP Dustin Pedroia. Also, possible future MVP’s in Kevin Youkilis, Jason Bay, and Big Papi. If Mike Lowell is healthy again, he will definitely be an RBI producer in our line up. JD Drew is a streaky guy, but when he hits the hot streak, he will produce as we saw last summer. The limits have got to be the skies for guys like Jacoby Ellsbury and Jed Lowrie. Jason Varitek may be the weak link here, but he already brings his package behind the plate and he will get his hits when they count. The key thing for our offensive success has got to be support though. For example, for Mike Lowell to be productive, the guys around him need to do their job. Everything goes hand in hand. Now that the offense is covered, we already know about the defense, so let us move on to the starting pitching. Josh Beckett is definitely an ace and a possible Cy Young competitor, Dice-K has definitely proven to us that he can get the job done. If Dice-K learns to be more economical and gives us more innings, then we have a fine one two punch out at the top of the line-up. Also, do not forget about Jon Lester who could be an ace on someone else’s staff. We basically have three aces when you look at it. Wakefield will win us somewhere around 10 to 12 games. The remaining spot, imagine is Penny is healthy and pitches the way he did in LA? This is a rotation that could possibly threaten to have four aces in it. John Smoltz is a seasoned performer who if healthy, could be key for us come August and September time for that very important stretch. Do not forget that we have a strong farm system with the likes of Clay Bucholz still in the making. We have all seen what he is capable of when he is right. Our bullpen in my opinion might be the best in baseball. We will have Okajima, Papelbon, and Delcarmen. Delcarmen can only get better and he has electric stuff. Those three plus Saito if he is healthy and regains the form he once had. Javy Lopez has done the job for us in the past as well. Also, do not forget about Masterson. Smoltz can also be solid in the bullpen. So our bullpen make up looks strong with Saito, Delcarmen, Masterson, Okajima, Papelbon, and possibly Smoltz. If everyone is healthy and performs the way they should, we may be looking at a very strong season for the Sox, but once again it is baseball. Anything can happen. Either way, we are in for a ride in the American League East race.